Play Sand Dino Egg Set

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Toy-filled eggs: let your children enjoy hours of egg-hunting fun with these little chubby one velvet play sand dino eggs. Each egg contains a different color of velvety sand along with a surprise dino gift to thrill children of all ages. Sensory play: providing a sense of calm and relaxation when you run your fingers through it, this velvet play sand delivers a cool sensory experience which is perfect for children who feel anxious and are craving sensory stimulation. Dinosaur surprise: boys and girls will be thrilled to open up each dino egg to find 0.15 lb of velvety sand and a mini dinosaur figure hiding inside. Realistic details and bright colors enhance the fun even more. Imaginative play: watch your child head back to a time when large reptiles roamed the earth. Featuring different dinosaur figures, these prehistoric creatures are sure to inspire tons of imaginative and educational play!

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