Mine to Love Wooden Play Stroller

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Anytime is a good time for favorite dolls and stuffed animals to go for a stroll in this cozy and classically styled rolling wooden stroller! Made to fit dolls up to 20 inches tall, this durable white stroller stands approximately 20 inches tall and features non-skid wheels, a fabric seat back, and a cloth pocket to take toys and necessities on the go. Clear instructions make it easy to assemble with just a screwdriver (not included). Mine to Love dolls and accessories encourage empathy and help kids express themselves as they explore grown-up roles and responsibilities. A child's confidence and self-esteem blossom and grow with each nurturing moment of imaginative play!


  • White wooden play stroller for dolls and stuffed animals up to 20 inches tall
  • Features non-skid wheels, a fabric seat back, and a cloth pocket for toy storage; easy to assemble (screwdriver required, not included)
  • Coordinates perfectly with Mine to Love Play Beds, Play Armoire, Play High Chair, and Play Cradle
  • Encourages empathy and helps kids express themselves
  • Ages 3+; 20" H x 10" W x 15.5" D assembled

Discover Countless Ways To Play

  • TRAVEL TALES: Tell a story about where baby is off to in the stroller today! Perhaps it's a sleepover at Grandma's house, shopping downtown, or a trip to the playground. Include details like what the weather is like and what adventures baby has along the way.
  • OBSTACLE COURSE: Scatter pillows, blocks, stuffed animals, etc. on the floor, then strap baby in the stroller and maneuver it through the obstacle course! Set a timer and try to beat the record without tipping over the stroller or knocking into any of the objects along the way.
  • DAILY PLANNER: What's on the agenda for today? Create a schedule for baby that includes feeding, nap time, playtime, and other errands and activities! Make a checklist for items that should be tucked into the pouch on the stroller (snacks, toys, diaper, etc.).
  • ROLL & STROLL: It's time to hop in the stroller and run some errands. Set up different areas as places baby is going today -- the grocery store, library, doctor's check-up, the park, etc. Then stroll from place to place with baby!

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