Castle Building Set Princess Castle Building Blocks

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6-in-1 Castle Creations: The Princess Castle Building Bricks set from Fun Little Toys transforms playtime into a magical land of Kid Princess imagination entertainment! Granting your little ones the ability to create 6 Tiny Castles or 1 Big Castle, this set of Kid Princess castle toys is filled with a pretty variety of creative options bound to bring imaginative play to the next level. Don’t miss out – these combinations are what pretend-to-play building brick toys are all about! Set-Up with a Smile: These girls' Princess Castle building bricks arrive alongside an excellent guide – one that’s going to make putting together the Kid Princess castle toys an easy, breezy, and exciting time! The beautifully illustrated and easy-to-follow directions make for playtime that’s all play, all day. For an added creative challenge, set the instruction manual aside – look at the pictures and give it a try!

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