Scratch OFF Daily Chore Chart

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Scratch-off Daily Chore Charts are the best to help motivate kids. Sometimes it can be hard to find ways to get kids excited about doing their chores. These reward charts are perfect for making it more exciting. Each week they will be able to write in their chores and then at the end of the week they can scratch off the circle to discover their reward. The great thing about these Daily Chore Charts is you get to chose and write in your child's reward. You know them best and know what will motivate them and make them happy. It could be as simple as playing a board game with mom or going to the store and picking out a favorite toy. All you have to do is write in the reward, and stick a scratch-off sticker on to cover it up. Each chart is printed on professional-grade, semi-gloss card stock paper. Individually wrapped. Each set includes: 2 charts 2 scratch off stickers A list of reward ideas Instructions

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