Luke's Toy Factory Eco-Friendly 3-D Puzzle Cargo Truck

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Luke's Toy Factory trucks are educational toys that help develop fine motor skills and problem solving abilities. They are simple 3D puzzles that fit together to make a working truck that you child can play with. But that is just the beginning. By mixing and matching the parts to create variations, your child is challenged to use their imagination.

Our toys are a favorite with pre-school teachers. They appreciate the design, with a little wiggle room built in so the child is not frustrated.

No paint to flake off, the colors are molded in. There are no phthalates or BPA in our toys and no heavy metals like lead or cadmium.

Made with pride in the USA using local sources for all our materials. Our toys are made using 30% reclaimed sawdust, resulting in 30% less plastic in the toy.

The best part? Kids love them! A 3D Puzzle that becomes a truck! Made in the USA using reclaimed maple sawdust and certified safe clean plastic.

Our toys are fun to play with! Think of a 3D puzzle that becomes a truck when assembled. Designed for small hands, the toys are made with a bit of wiggle room, so that kids with developing motor skills are not frustrated. Our target age is 3 and up - just at the point where kids are outgrowing "baby toys" but aren't quite ready for the precision required for more complicated building toys. 

We design toys with a simple, old school wooden style.

These are toys that look like they could have been hand crafted by a skilled wood worker, designed like a real truck. But our toys are made using state of the art manufacturing processes and materials, right here in the USA. 

Everything we use to make our toys - every sourced material, every tool and every supplier we use is American.

Each truck is about 6 1/2 inches long. The Fire Truck has 5 parts, the Dump Truck and the Tipper Truck each have 4 parts. The Cargo Truck has 9 parts (because of all the cargo boxes!)

  • Made from 30% sawdust and 70% safe, certified, clean plastic
  • Made 100% in the USA
  • NO paint. NO glue
  • Waterproof, Sink washable
  • Safety tested & certified for ages 3+
  • Colors are molded in, not painted on. So there's nothing to flake off.

Designed to help kids learn problem solving skills and enhance fine motor control. Parts from one truck can be mixed and matched with parts from the other three trucks.

We've taken out 30% of the plastic and replaced it with organic materials -sawdust, to be exact, from US furniture mills and window factories. This is combined with safe, certified clean plastic pellets to make our toys.

Though you can see the wood fibers in the plastic, the feel of the toy is silky smooth.

Sized for small hands, with a little "wiggle room" so they are frustration-free.

NO Batteries or buttons to push.

These toys encourage imagination!

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