Police for a day!

Police for a Day Kids Program

Join us for an exciting "Police for a Day" program designed for all children ages 5 and up. Kids are encouraged to come dressed as a police officer or SWAT team member, adding to the fun and immersive experience.

The program features a variety of police-themed activities: Kids will have the unique opportunity to interact with a real police officer, learning about their daily duties, the equipment they use, and how they help keep our community safe. They can ask questions and even see a police vehicle up close. Through interactive games, children will learn about safety, teamwork, and the various roles within law enforcement. Specially designed sensory activities will be available to cater to children of all abilities. Kids can express their creativity by making their own police badges, hats, and other themed crafts! They'll be able to take home a piece of their exciting day and share their experiences with family and friends. Please pack a lunch and water bottle! Drop off program!



Register for one or both!

June 21st 9:30am-1pm
July 19th 9:30am-1pm



The fine print:

CLASS CAPACITY: There is a minimum enrollment of 8 students for the sessions to start and a maximum of 16 students per session. If a class has less than 8 students enrolled 2 days prior to the date of the class, it will be cancelled, and you will be offered a choice to reschedule or be refunded.

DRESS CODE: We firmly believe in exploring the process freely without worrying about getting messy, we prefer old play clothes that you won't mind getting dirty or stained. 

MAKE-UP POLICY: Because spots are limited and individual materials are provided, if you miss a class they cannot be made up and payment will not be refunded or transferred. 

CANCELLATION POLICY: All cancellations have a $10 fee. Any cancellations must be made within 48 hours to the start of a session or drop-in class.

MamaBear Play Studio reserves the right to decline a family from attending class due to disruption to the class or harm to another student. 

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